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Thank you for writing this and putting in words what has been going through my head ever since the Blue Dress meltdown.

Today I watched the film the Lost Boys, and it brought all of these issues to mind. These boys and their self-loathing due to their maleness that they viewed as some sort of illness or perversion. Testosterone as some kind of poison they had to escape.

Feminists understand the false narrative that all women are either hoars or virgins. Yet when faced with gender nonconforming men, we tend to classify them all as either sissies or as DPC. Thus the trope of that all AGPs are predators, when many are just lost boys - who hate themselves and seek to commit gender suicide by killing the male part of themselves.

How many of these lost boys suffer from undiagnosed AGP? My heart breaks.

We feminists must stop vilifying gender nonconforming men. Demand that they stay out of our spaces, but if you vilify them, you just push them into the arms of the TRAs. Which does not make us any safer.

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Hey Aaron, I really appreciate your work in general.

There are a lot of deeply traumatized victims of AGPs in GC circles. Of course they don't like to hear positive things about AGPs. The reaction you should expect is approximately the same as that of Scientology refugees to hearing about David Miscavage.

"It's already normalized" is a dodge especially when one of our main tasks in this fight is exposing how pathological the condition is.

Also, you clearly have a thing about radical feminists, even though they comprise a minority of those who are opposed to trans ideology.

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So, radical feminism is an ideology? I would like to see some arguments for that - besides "they" (who? All of us? Really?) think something ...

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Isn't it just a fetish? I think we underestimate conditioning and addiction in these descriptions. Also we've had more than enough sexologists 'figuring things out'. Isn't it time for a bit of humility, as our descriptions just feed a new round of narratives, the therapist is in the middle of the thing.

Not to discount some ateiology being there.

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Thank you. Well spoken.

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Alice Dreger also emphatically states that there’s nothing wrong with being agp and she fully supports transitioning AGPs so please keep that in mind as well.

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